Forget cat cafes — feline lovers are raising money for the first “cat cinema”



Inspired by the recent trend of “cat cafes” around the world, one couple is working to open the world’s first “cat cinema” — where you can watch a movie in a theater full of cats

The cat-lovers in question, Paula Siedlecka and William Piper, are hoping to open a movie theater where audience members can pet and snuggle 10 rescued cats while enjoying a film

The pair has launched their campaign on Indiegogo in order to raise funds for their visionary cinema. The theater will supposedly be called “Great Kitty.”

“We believe that the combination of 3 of Britain’s most loved – cats, cinema and a cuppa – will be a winning one,” says the duo on their Indiegogo page. “We’ll show around 10 movies per week of all different kinds for you to enjoy snuggled up to a kitty! One week it could be the latest blockbuster, the next an art-house cult classic – we’ll be sure to cater to a varied audience.” Read more…

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