McDonald’s puts it all on the line with kale and a sexy new Hamburglar



You could tell McDonald’s was willing to put it all on the line when the fast-food chain became suddenly, conspicuously enthusiastic about kale

Until recently, kale was a symbol of everything McDonald’s didn’t want to be. Just months ago, the fast food giant ran a TV ad mocking the leafy vegetable, among other trendy health foods, that proudly proclaimed there was “no kale here.”

This week, to everyone’s shock, the gleefully unhealthy fast-food giant announced that it was serving kale at select locations.

In McDonald’s desire for a turnaround, nothing — not even a pretentious leafy green – is sacred. With the gleam of its golden arches fading, McDonald’s is scrambling to reinvent itself as a hipper, more health-conscious burger joint. Read more…

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