Australian doctor denies he was brainwashed into joining ISIS



An Australian doctor who recently appeared in a propaganda video for the Islamic State (ISIS) denies he was brainwashed and vows never to return home in a letter sent to a nationwide health agency that is investigating his medical registration.

In the May 8 letter sent to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, Dr. Tareq Kamleh — who now calls himself Abu Yousef Al-Australie — denied ISIS was a “death cult.” The 29-year-old also published the letter on his Facebook profile.

“The only death that I have had to deal with since being here has been from either pathology or Coalition drone strikes,” he wrote. “Interestingly the 2 drone strikes that have occurred since I have been here have not claimed the life of a single male, let alone a solider…..good work “Team Australia”!!….from what I’ve seen you have more blood on your hands that ISIS has on their knives…” Read more…

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