18 Beautiful And Weird Maps That Will Change How You Think About London

How it was, how it is, and how it could have been.

This amazing Londonist map shows the settlements in what is now London around the turn of the first millennium. Hamor Smydde, Fulanham, Brixges Tane: sound familiar?


Click through for a larger hi-res version, it’s fascinating.

Londonist / Via londonist.com

This map showing the boroughs of London, as they were in 1895.


British Library / Via i.imgur.com

This map, taken from this blog, showing how the population of London has exploded over the last two centuries.


Drawing Rings / Via drawingrings.blogspot.co.uk

This map showing the damage of the Great Fire, in 1666. That whole paler region by the river essentially burned to the ground.


The Old Map and Clock Company / Via commons.wikimedia.org

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