Nothing says everlasting love like a Bitcoin engagement ring



When considering a proposal, it’s important to know the exact worth of the ring before the transaction is made. And with the Bitcoin engagement ring, your smartphone takes the place of a professional jeweler

The BTC Ring is 3D printed with a QR code that lets anyone with the corresponding app scan your ring to find out the value of its blockchain. For anyone who isn’t in a committed relationship with crytocurrency, that means that your phone can tell you how much digital currency the engagement ring represents

The physical ring itself has no value unless you happen to think it’s a nice looking piece of jewelry. Plus, if you drop it down a drain, you can just print yourself a new one. Unlike diamond rings, the BTC ring’s worth can be adjusted as life circumstances change. You may even be able to reprint the ring to keep up with the latest fashions one day Read more…

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