NBD: Just an insane jet engine strapped to a 1929 replica biplane



Acrobatics pilot Jeff Boerboon is gracefully pivoting in front of me as he raises his hands over his head. Then he arches his body sideways and turns both hands, palms out to the left, like Superman executing an in-air maneuver. Boerboon is, in fact, performing an intricate dance, one that could be replicated hundreds of feet in the air as he pilots the one-of-a-kind Screamin’ Sasquatch Waco biplane, a classic–looking airplane with the unique distinction of having a Learjet engine strapped to its belly.

Jeff and the Jack Link’s flying team (yes, that Jack Link’s of the always ready-to-eat beef jerky) are preparing for the big Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach State Park on May 23 and 24, one where dozens of airplanes will perform death-defying stunts before an anticipated 400,000 spectators. Right now, though Boerboon, 47, is explaining how he and other stunt pilots perform some of their tricks. Read more…

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