17 Ways To Help A Friend Through The First Year of Widowhood

They need your love to survive such a crushing loss.

Drop Off a Meal

Drop Off a Meal

Not having to worry about what to cook, and opening the fridge to find ready-made meals is a godsend. Especially when there are little mouths to feed.


Help With the Small Stuff

Help With the Small Stuff

Whether it’s a trip to the post office, emptying the dishwasher, or changing a lightbulb, offer to do it. Your friend is dealing with so much; helping with the seemingly minor stuff is pretty major.


Pack With Care

Pack With Care

Dropping by with a little care package — a handwritten note, a bottle of booze, a healing candle — goes a long way…and lets your friend know that you’re thinking of them.

NBC / Via giphy.com

Be Their Uber

Be Their Uber

When their kid(s) need to get to and from soccer practice, a birthday party, or even the school bus, graciously offer a ride. The small ways in which a spouse is missing — like sharing chauffeur duty — hits hard. Extra points for making the car ride fun!


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