‘Destiny: A Taken King’ is larger than expansion, but not a full sequel



LOS ANGELES — Destiny is set to get even bigger this fall with The Taken King.

Larger than a typical expansion but not quite a sequel, The Taken King introduces a new enemy faction — The Taken — led by a powerful foe connected to one of the game’s significant boss characters.

Bungie‘s initial reveal during Sony’s PlayStation E3 press conference amounted to little more than a trailer, which laid out the basic story and revealed a few new facts. Notably, all three of the game’s main character classes get a third, all-new subclass, complete with its own unique super ability.

All of this info lines up with a recently leaked marketing sheet, reported on by Kotaku, that confirmed the title, subclass details and — not mentioned in the trailer — a new endgame raid. We’ll have more details after we meet with Bungie this week. For now, enjoy the trailer, Destiny fans. Read more…

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