We tested the ‘world’s most comfortable’ sports bra to see if such a thing could really exist



Does a comfortable sports bra actually exist?

That’s the question we asked when we received a pitch from Brooks Sports that confidently stated it had indeed created a product that was the “world’s most comfortable sports bra.”


Image: Brooks

Quite a bold statement if there ever was one.

Since the beginning of the undergarment, women have complained about how bras are either too constricting, too sweaty, fail to keep all curves in place, painful, or all of the above

It was only until 1975 that the first commercial sports bra was available for consumers. The company, Glamorise Foundations, said was a “free swing tennis bra.” The bra, unglamorously labeled a “jockbra,” was created after theatre costume designer Lisa Lindahl, had experienced an unpleasant experience working out with chafed skin, sore breasts, and loose straps. Her husband suggested she add a jockstrap to the back of a bra for more stable fit. She took his advice Read more…

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