Ethereal photos capture the Gobi Desert’s massive scale



The Gobi is Asia’s largest desert, spanning half a million square miles across China and Mongolia. Despite its enormous expanse, Hungarian fine art and commercial photographer Bence Bakonyi found inspiration in it almost by accident while traveling in Asia in 2013.

“When I was in Shanghai I saw a postcard [of the Gobi Desert] in the post office… the images [were] incredible,” he recalled through email.

After seeing those photos, Bakonyi decided to take the nearly 2,000 mile train journey to Dunhuang, a city that dates back to the Silk Road and has been conquered by the Mongols, Tibetans and later the Chinese, to capture the vistas and the ancient ruins that remain. Once there, he was struck with the massive sand dunes that dot the landscape and its towering scale over the many tourists who come to hike them. Read more…

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