34 Thoughts All Long Distance BFFs Constantly Have

Absence makes a friendship stronger.

Crystal Ro for BuzzFeed

1. I have a serious decision to make, but my BFF won't be awake for several more hours!

2. This is the kind of situation that needs a face-to-face discussion, not a text convo.

3. Need to reschedule my weekend so I have time to Skype with my bestie.

4. Ugh, I texted a few minutes ago and they haven't responded yet.

5. I'm not jealous my BFF is hanging out with other people…

6. Sigh, none of my local friends are as awesome as my BFF.

7. I don't know any of the people in their Instagram feed!

Crystal Ro for BuzzFeed

8. The only thing I want for my birthday is for my best friend to be here.

9. Need to start saving up for a trip to visit the bestie.

10. Sending photos of me trying on clothes is inferior to shopping together.

11. I feel really bad that I can't be there to console my best friend.

12. Know for a fact I'll never meet anyone who could replace my BFF.

13. I'd rather stay home to face time with my bestie than go out tonight.

14. Why hasn't a teleportation machine been invented yet?

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