Jelly Gummies are the most disturbingly mesmerizing GIFs you’ll see



Welcome to the weird side of the Internet.

Since 2012, Scottish artist Sam Lyon has been creating “Jelly Gummies” — fleshy, bubbling, life-like GIFs of creatures and objects ranging from seals to high top sneakers. The GIFs move and wobble in perfect loops in a wonderfully disconcerting and surprisingly entertaining way.

Lyon creates the GIFs using a graphics tablet and a combination of the programs Sculptris and Blender.

“I’ve always liked making juicy, bendy drawings so it’s great to make things without any constraints,” Lyon told Mashable in an email. “I love being able to make short, self­-contained animations (especially with the transparent background). They give the characters much more personality and it’s more interesting than they would be as just stills.” Read more…

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