Tumblr finally gives you a way to watch nothing but GIFs



Just in case you weren’t seeing enough GIFs in your Tumblr dashboard, the site now has a dedicated channel that plays an endless stream of them.

Tumblr TV, unveiled Thursday, allows Tumblr users to watch random GIFs that have been posted by the site’s users.

Though Tumblr TV defaults to a random stream of GIFs — all of which have been posted to Tumblr at some point — you can also customize the type you want to see with the search function

For example, typing “cat GIFs” into the search bar, will turn up a virtually limitless outflow of cat GIFs. Like traditional TV streams, Tumblr TV will also allow you to pause, skip ahead or go back to previous GIFs. You can also heart or reblog posts you like and GIFs include a link back to the original post. Read more…

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