Before and after photos from girl’s first day of school will make you say ‘same’


After a long, relaxing summer spent playing outside and eating popsicles, children everywhere are finally heading back to school. Back to a life of learning, responsibilities and trying to keep it together.

One kid had no idea just how grueling a day on the job could be.

An Imgur user shared hilarious before and after photos of the girl’s first day back on that elementary school grind, and after seven hours of meeting new classmates and pencil pushing, she became almost unrecognizable.

The morning of her big day, the excited young girl’s hair was in soft curls with a bow, the cuffs on her denim jacket were perfectly folded, her tulle skirt was fancifully fluffed and she had a huge smile. Read more…

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Seized tiny homes saved from the dump can once again help homeless


Three structures donated to homeless residents and once set to be dismantled or destroyed by the city of Los Angeles were returned to the man who built them Friday.

The tiny homes, which were impounded for obstructing city streets in February, were returned to Elvis Summers on the condition they be kept on private property, Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation spokesperson Elena Stern confirmed to Mashable

“If they are put out on LA City public sidewalks or streets they will be tagged and removed again,” Stern said. 

Summers, who used to be homeless himself, built the tiny houses to provide free shelter for those in need.  Read more…

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17 Cheesy Soups That Are Equal Parts Gooey And Delicious

Because French onion is only the beginning…

Cheesy Ham and Potato Soup

Cheesy Ham and Potato Soup

Get the recipe here.

Mighty Mrs. / Via

Three Cheese Shrimp Beer Soup

Three Cheese Shrimp Beer Soup

Get the recipe here.

Mommyhood’s Diary / Via

Cheesy Spinach and Artichoke Soup

Cheesy Spinach and Artichoke Soup

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Turnip the Oven / Via

Roasted Red Pepper Brie Soup

Roasted Red Pepper Brie Soup

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Honey and Birch / Via

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Virginia lawmaker says his bathroom bill won’t require genital checks for children



A Virginia legislator faced intense criticism this week after he introduced two bills that would prohibit transgender students from using bathroom facilities that correspond with their gender identity

Mark Cole, a Republican in the Virginia House of Delegates, said in a statement Tuesday that his proposals are “common sense” ways to “protect the privacy of children and adults.”

The bills would require public facilities, including schools, to designate restrooms for use “by a specific gender to solely be used by individuals whose anatomical sex matches such gender designation.” Violating the law could result in a civil penalty of $50 Read more…

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Dedicated dad makes intricate Star Wars lunches for his kids



San Francisco dad Beau Coffron has a lunchbox game that is, somewhat literally, out of this world.

Every Monday morning, Coffrom creates beautifully intricate lunchbox scenes for his kids to take to school. The lunchbox art was so impressive, Coffron started a website for the food series called Lunchbox Dad. And while he’s created a variety of pop-culinary creations, his Star Wars series is definitely a standout.

star wars 1

Image: Beau Coffron

“I started making these lunches about three years ago when my daughter started kindergarten,” Coffron told Mashable in an email. “I was looking for a way to connect with her while she was in school and I wanted her to know that her dad was thinking about her. I saw some moms making lunches and putting them online and I thought, ‘I’m a dad, why can’t I do this?’ So I began to make them every Monday for her.” Read more…

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Australian fisherman comes across 3 tiny, killer octopuses



It’s common knowledge by now that Australia is the world’s largest island and death trap. One fisherman from Perth in Western Australia has just done his bit to further back up those claims.

Steve Hart — a fisherman and co-owner of Western Angler magazine — posted on his Facebook on Wednesday, Dec. 2, that he had an encounter with a blue-ringed octopus while crayfishing.

It was his third run in with the deadly creature in the last week. The blue-ringed octopus can produce some nasty, fatal toxins through its saliva glands. According to Griffith University, it can kill 26 adults in minutes

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